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OH was built from an obsession…uh, I mean passion…for reimagining spaces and rethinking possessions to enhance our lives.  As I look back, this endeavor was actually a long time in the making.  Over the years in different roles and careers the one constant was that I thrived in a clean, calm, clutter-free, organized home and workplace.  No surprise, it became clear that the same held true for others (friends, family members, co-workers and students) and I loved helping them achieve it.  It also became clear that while for me, the process was fun, fulfilling and motivating, for others it was overwhelming and torturous. So here we are!

They say you should pursue what lights you up and for me…this is it!

kind words

“Holly was amazing. She helped transform chaos into organized tranquility. She was so easy to work with and did such an amazing job. I highly recommend Holly.”   – J.K. – 

why hire a professional organizer

It’s more than hiring someone to categorize your belongings and place them in coordinating bins.

It’s reducing the physical noise and weight from your life.  It’s about your relationship with material things – how you manage, store, shop, honor, purge, and even gift them. 

It’s having a place for the things you NEED, USE, and LOVE and implementing systems for maintaining them.


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