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You heard me, girls DAY out in Tampa.  Oxford Exchange is clean, simple, beautiful and only open until 5:00pm so gather your girls and call for reservation!  If you live in or around Tampa and you’ve never been to Oxford Exchange, give it a try!  If you’re visiting Tampa and looking for a special local spot, give it a try!  Either way, you can thank me later.

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Champagne Bar, Bookstore, shop

Go early so you can spend a little time creating a bubbly masterpiece at the Champagne Bar (that is, if you and your crew are 21 and up).  It’s delicious and delightful!  Then sip while you stroll around the the bookstore and the shop.  From jewelry to housewares to stationery to toys…the shop isn’t overwhelming and somehow has a fun gift for almost anyone you know. 

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The Restaurant

The atmosphere of the restaurant feels light, clean, and yet full of character (hence highlighting it here in this blog)!  The atrium is so pretty!  

Oxford Exchange prides itself on fresh, seasonal menus and I, for one, have not been disappointed.  Specifically, I’ve tasted and enjoyed the Kale Scramble, Avocado Toast, Super Simple Sandwich and the Blueberry Pancakes.  Mmmmmmmm…  

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Fun fact: Oxford Exchange is celebrating its 10th anniversary September 19th – 25th, 2022 featuring special menus. Cheers!

Wait, there's more

Girls day out doesn’t have to end there (unless the champs and pancakes made you sleepy)!  Oxford Exchange also hosts a Buddy Brew Coffee and a Tebella Tea Company. 

Please share if you have any suggestions for outings in the Tampa Bay Area or beyond that you love and consider to be Clean. Simple. Beautiful.  Thanks!

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