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Do you ever lose your appetite the minute you open your fridge?  

A disorganized fridge can result in spoiled food, forgotten ingredients, and a messy, smelly situation. Here’s how to organize your refrigerator to be functional and oh-so-Instagrammable. (Say cheese, cheese…)

open, organized refrigerator

1 | Start each refrigerator organizing project with a purge and thorough cleaning. Expired or spoiled food is removed and everything that remains is sorted like-with-like: condiments, beverages, fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs.

The inside door of the fridge is the warmest place and therefore not a good spot to keep milk or eggs. If possible, avoid storing fruits and vegetables in the same pull-out bin and avoid pre-slicing these fresh goods. They’ll only spoil faster.

Rubbermaid clear, stackable containers for food storage

2 | Containers of similar size and shape are easier to stack and look so much nicer on the shelves. The beauty of using clear (plastic or glass) containers is that they hide nothing – always know exactly what is in each container and whether it’s on the verge of expiring.  Standardizing your food storage containers also means less time hunting for matching lids. 

beverage organizers lined up in a refrigerator drawer for drink organization

3 | Creating zones in your refrigerator for categories such as drinks, leftovers, condiments, fruit, etc. helps everyone find what they need quickly and maintains fridge organization.  Check out these beverage bins

You got this!  As always, if you need help getting organized, I’m here.

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