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Home organizing

decluttering, downsizing, space planning, organizing, styling and more in any space in your home

Business Organizing

creating a welcoming, clutter-free, efficient environment for your team and your customers

Move-in Unpacking

unpacking, space planning, organizing, and setting up your new home from the start

baby &

preparing for arrival, establishing systems for all of the stages, and offering a Grow-With-Me Program

vacation rentals

setting up or refreshing properties so that everything is perfectly in place and awaiting your next guests

special projects

organizing, decluttering, preparing, and planning spaces for events, holidays, and seasonal turnover

more info baby and toddler

Let’s get you ready so that you can focus on more precious things!


Baby Prep

Welcome baby into a quiet, calm, clean and specially prepared space. With so many onesies, diapers, gifts, blankets, etc., where and how to start can be overwhelming. OH offers baby prep for the nursery, linen closet, kitchen and more.


Systems for Stages

Once baby has arrived it can be tricky to sort through and keep up with the stages and sizes for all the things. Wouldn't it be wonderful to manage it all with a few easy systems in place? Having a plan can help make the quick turnover process seamless.



The Grow-With-Me program includes maintenance visits at a discounted rate to help keep you and your little one organized. Babies and toddlers transition through stages so quickly, it can be hard for busy parents to keep up!


project services | $60/Hour

Maintenance | $50/hour

Grow-With-Me | $50/hour

the following services are included

  • all services are customized and confidential
  • no obligation phone, virtual, or in-home consultation
  • planning and preparation including designing layouts and organizing systems/solutions
  • research, shopping, pick-up and delivery of products
  • on-site, hands on implementation
  • labeling including materials (as needed)
  • up to one car load of donation drop-off

*any products purchased on behalf of the client are in addition to the services above and shall be reimbursed at cost

*don’t see what you’re looking for, contact Holly for a customized package to fit your needs 

kind words

“Holly exceeded my wildest expectations.  When I hired Holly, I thought she’d organize my spice rack (she did) and move a few things around to make them more efficient (she did), but she also added creativity, attention to detail, and a clear understanding of what I wanted and needed (without even realizing it myself).”   – S.M. –


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